Raccoon Dogs

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A new analysis of genetic data collected from the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, has linked coronavirus to raccoon dogs, adding evidence to the belief that the pandemic might have originated from the infected animals sold at the site.

About Raccoon Dogs:

  • Raccoon dogs belong to the canid family and are closely related to foxes.
  • They are the only canids that hibernate during the winter.
  • As per Slate, there are two species of raccoon dogs: “Nyctereutes procyonoides, the common raccoon dog (the species that was in the Wuhan market) and Nyctereutes p. viverrinus, the Japanese raccoon dog.”
  • They are omnivores and relish food sources such as rodents and berries.
  • Raccoon dogs are originally from East Asia and are commonly found in parts of China, Korea and Japan, where they are known as tanuki.


Q1) What is genetic data?

Genetic data' means personal data relating to the inherited or acquired genetic characteristics of a natural person which give unique information about the physiology or the health of that natural person.

Source: Raccoon dogs linked to coronavirus pandemic: What are these animals?