What is Roen olmi?

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Two researchers in Goa have said that they synthesised gold nanoparticles from a wild mushroom species that is widely eaten as a delicacy in the coastal state.

About Roen olmi

  • It is a mushroom of the Termitomyces species.
  • It grows on termite hills and is locally known as ‘roen olmi’ in Goa.
  • It is an edible wild mushroom popular among Goans and consumed during the monsoons.
  • These mushrooms have no independent existence. They grow only in association with termites. 
  • Habitat: It is endemic to the Western Ghats, where the thick forest cover and high humidity provides an ideal breeding ground.
  • Ecological significance: It plays a very important role as a powerful biodegrading fungus in forest and grassland ecosystems converting 50% dead plant material on the ground into rich soil.
  • In fact, all Termitomyces species are edible and have unique food value attributed to their texture, flavour, nutrient content, and beneficial mediational properties.
  • Additionally, Termito-myces have been recognized for their ethno-medicinal importance in various indigenous communities throughout Asia and Africa.
  • Termitomyces species possess various beneficial antioxidant and antimicrobial properties

Q1) What is mutualism?

It is an association between organisms of two different species in which each benefits. Mutualistic arrangements are most likely to develop between organisms with widely different living requirements.

Source: Turning mushrooms into gold? Goa researchers claim breakthrough in producing nanoparticles