Rubber Board

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Recently, the government has increased the allocation for Sustainable and Inclusive Development of the Natural Rubber Sector by 23% to Rs 708.7 crore for the next two financial years and the scheme is run by the Rubber Board.

About Rubber Board

  • It is a statutory organization constituted under the Rubber Act, 1947.
  • It functions under the administrative control of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Functions:
    • It is responsible for the development of the rubber industry in the country by assisting and encouraging research, development, extension and training activities related to rubber.
    • It also maintains statistical data of rubber, takes steps to promote marketing of rubber and undertake labour welfare activities.
    • A crucial function of the Rubber Board is issuing licenses to rubber producers, manufacturers, and exporters/traders. This license, known as the "Rubber Board license/registration," is mandatory for anyone involved in rubber manufacturing and export
  • Structure:
    • It is headed by a Chairman appointed by the Central Government.
    • It has 28 members representing various interests of the natural rubber industry.
  • The activities of the Board are exercised through Five Departments viz. General Services, Extension & Advisory Services, Research Services (rubber Research Institute of India), Training (Rubber Training Institute) & Finance.
  • Headquarters: Kottayam, Kerala.

Q1) What is latex?

It is nothing but natural elastic material, sustainably sourced from natural rubber trees. It is a long chain of hydrocarbon polymer of cis-1,4-polyisoproprene. This thick, white, milky emulsion is even known as the 'earth's most perfect sleep material.'

Source: Aid for rubber plantation hiked