Sahakar 22

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National Cooperative Development Corporation had earlier launched its own initiative named Sahakar– 22, during FY 2018-19

About Sahakar 22:


  • This initiative of NCDC included the following:
    • FOCUS 222 – NCDC’s focused assistance for Cooperatives in 222 Districts (including 117 Aspirational Districts identified by NITI Aayog);
    • PACS HUB – Transformation of PACS and other Coops as Apna Kisan Resource Centers;
    • AENEC - Act East and North East Cooperatives;
    • CEMtC - Centres of Excellence to Market through Cooperatives;
    • SAHAKAR PRAGYA - Capacity Development through Laxmanrao Inamdar National Academy for Cooperative Research Development (LINAC).


Key Facts about NCDC

  • The National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1963 as a statutory Corporation.
  • Nodal Ministry: The Ministry of Cooperation.
  • Functions
    • Planning, promoting and financing programmes for production, processing, marketing, storage, export and import of agricultural produce, food stuffs, certain other notified commodities e.g. fertilisers, insecticides, agricultural machinery, lac, soap, kerosene oil, textile, rubber etc.,
    • Supply of consumer goods and collection, processing, marketing, storage and export of minor forest produce through cooperatives, besides income generating stream of activities such as poultry, dairy, fishery, sericulture, handloom etc.


Q1) What are cooperatives?

Cooperatives are organizations owned and controlled by their members, who come together to achieve common goals and meet their shared needs

Source: Formation of FPOs under Sahakar 22