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Recently, the Minister of State for Heavy Industries informed the Lok Sabha about SAMARTH Centres.

About SAMARTH Centres: 

  • The Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub (SAMARTH) centres are set up under the Scheme for “Enhancement of Competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector.
  • These centres have been providing assistance to the MSMEs to train the workforce and make them aware about Industry 4.0 technologies in the following ways:
  • Organizing Seminars/ Workshops and knowledge sharing events on Industry 4.0;
  • Training industries to create awareness about Industry 4.0;
  • Providing consultancy (in areas such as IOT Hardware, Software development, data analytics) and incubation support to start- ups including MSMEs.

Key facts about the Enhancement of Competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector scheme

  • It has been launched by the Ministry of Heavy Industries to address the technological obsolescence, limited access to quality industrial infrastructure and common facilities.
  • In order to address the skill gaps and infrastructure developmentand technology needs for the Capital Goods Sector, Phase I of the Capital Goods scheme was rolled out in November 2014.
  • Phase I of the scheme fostered partnerships between Academia and Industry for engendering technology development with Government support.
  • The objective of Phase II (on January 25, 2022) is to expand and enlarge the impact created by Phase I pilot scheme, thereby providing greater impetus through creation of a strong and globally competitive capital goods sector that contributes at least 25% to the manufacturing sector.

Components of the Scheme

  • Identification of Technologies through Technology Innovation Portals
  • Setting up of four New Advanced Centres of Excellence and augmentation of Existing Centres of Excellence
  • Promotion of skilling in Capital Goods Sector–creation of Qualification packages for skill levels 6 and above
  • Setting up of four Common Engineering Facility Centres (CEFCs) and augmentation of existing CEFCs
  • Augmentation of Existing Testing and Certification Centres
  • Setting up of ten Industry Accelerators for Technology Development

Q1:What is Industry 4.0 ?

It can be defined as the integration of intelligent digital technologies into manufacturing and industrial processes. It encompasses a set of technologies that include industrial IoT networks, AI, Big Data, robotics, and automation.

Source:SAMARTH Centres providing assistance to the MSMEs to train the workforce and make them aware about Industry 4.0 technologies