Sangita Kalanidhi Award

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Recently, Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri has been selected for the Sangita Kalanidhi award of the Music Academy for 2023.

About Sangita Kalanidhi Award:

  • It is considered the highest award in the field of Carnatic music.
  • The award is conferred by the Madras Music Academy.
  • The award comprises a gold medal and a birudu patra (citation).
  • It is a landmark institution in the history of the fine arts. It emerged as an offshoot of the All India Congress Session held in Madras in December 1927.

What is Carnatic Music?

  • Carnatic music is commonly associated with southern India including the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, but also practised in Sri Lanka.
  • It is one of two major genres of Indian classical music that evolved from ancient Hindu traditions, the other being Hindustani music, which emerged as a distinct form in northern India as a result of Persian and Islamic influences.


Q1) What is Hindustani Music?

Hindustani music, one of the two principal types of South Asian classical music, found mainly in the northern three-fourths of the subcontinent, where Indo-Aryan languages are spoken. 

Source: Music Academy to confer Sangita Kalanidhi award on Bombay Jayashri