Sansad Ratna Awards

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Prelims: Polity & Governance
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Recently, the Prime Minister of India congratulated fellow Members of Parliament who will be conferred the Sansad Ratna Awards 2023.

About Sansad Ratna Awards:

  •  The Sansad Ratna Awards were instituted in 2010, inspired by the teachings of former President APJ Abdul Kalam, who launched the first edition of the Award function in Chennai.
  • The Jury Committee has chosen a total of 13 MPs and two parliamentary committees for the award, with a lifetime award being presented for the first 2023 awards.
  • The jury committee comprises “eminent Parliamentarians and (members of) civil society”.
  • The nominations were based on an MP’s cumulative performance in Parliament, from the beginning of the 17th Lok Sabha until the end of Winter Session 2022
  • Factors that the decision is based on include questions asked, private members’ Bills introduced, debates initiated, attendance, funds utilised, etc.
  • The performance data of the members have been sourced from information provided by PRS Legislative Research. 


Q1)What are the contributions of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam?

Dr Kalam made a significant contribution as Project Director to develop India's first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) which successfully injected the Rohini satellite into the near-earth orbit. He was responsible for the evolution of ISRO's launch vehicle programme, particularly the PSLV configuration.  

Source: PM Modi congratulates winners: What are the Sansad Ratna Awards?