Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve

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After a gap of six years, the Tamil Nadu Forest department recently commenced a three-day long elephant census at Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve.

About Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve:

  • Location:
    • It is located at the junction of the Eastern and the Western Ghats in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, in the Erode District of Tamil Nadu.
    • Its area is contiguous with the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Bandipur Tiger Reserve (Karnataka) and BR Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary (Karnataka). 
    • Together, these reserves — forming the Nilgiris biosphere landscape — have the biggest tiger population in the world, at over 280 tigers.
  • Terrain: It is hilly and undulated with altitude ranging between 750m and 1649m.
  • Vegetation: It consists of southern tropical dry thorn forests, mixed deciduous forests, semi-evergreen forests, and Riparian forests.
  • Flora: Common Species of trees and shrubs found are AlbizziaamaraChloroxylonswictenia, Gyrocarpusjacquini, Neem, Tamarind, Sandalwood, Randi dumetorum, Zizyphus and associates.
  • Fauna: The major species are Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Sloth bear, Gaur, Black Buck, Spotted deer, Wild boar, Black napped hare, Common langurNilgirilangur, Striped neck mongoose and Bonnet macaque.


Q1) What is a Tiger Reserve?

A protected area statutorily designated for the conservation of the striped big cats is referred to as Tiger Reserve. However, a tiger reserve may also be a national park or wildlife sanctuary.

Source: Elephant census begins in Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve in TN