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Recently, the union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued scheme guidelines for implementation of strategic interventions for green hydrogen transition (SIGHT) programme

About SIGHT programme:


  • It is a sub component under the National Green Hydrogen Mission.
  • Aim of the programme:
    • Component I: It aims at providing electrolyzer manufacturing incentives with a total outlay of INR 4440 crore
    • Component II: It focuses on green hydrogen production with financial outlay of INR 13050 crore. 
  • Implementing agency: The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) would be the implementing agency responsible for the scheme’s execution.


Key facts about National Green Hydrogen Mission

  • It was launched in 2022, with the goal of making India energy independent and decarbonising major sectors of the economy.
  • Benefits of this mission
    • India’s Green Hydrogen production capacity is likely to reach at least 5 MMT per annum, with an associated renewable energy capacity addition of about 125 GW.  
    • The targets by 2030 are likely to bring in over Rs. 8 lakh crore investments.
    • Nearly 50 MMT per annum of CO2 emissions are expected to be averted by 2030.


What is the green hydrogen?

  • It is the gas produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrolyzer that may be powered by electricity generated from renewable energy sources.


Q1) What is Electrolysis ?

It is a chemical process that uses an electric current to drive a non-spontaneous chemical reaction. It involves the decomposition of an electrolyte, which can be a liquid solution or molten compound, into its constituent elements or ions.

Source: Green Hydrogen Mission. Govt unveils guidelines for green hydrogen production, electrolyser manufacturing