Smart Bandage

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Researchers have developed a smart bandage which can help treat chronic wounds.

About Smart Bandage:

  • What it is? It is a soft stretchable polymer that helps the bandage maintain contact with and stick to the skin.
  • The bioelectronics system consists of biosensors that monitor biomarkers in the wound exudate.
  • Data collected by the bandage is passed to a flexible printed circuit board, which relays it wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet for review by a physician.
  • A pair of electrodes control drug release from a hydrogel layer as well as stimulate the wound to encourage tissue regrowth.

How does it work?

  • Biosensors determine the wound status by tracking the chemical composition of the exudates, which changes as the wound heals.
  • Additional sensors monitor the pH and temperature for real-time information about the infection and inflammation.
  • A pair of electrodes, the same electrodes that stimulate the tissue, control the release of drugs from a hydrogel layer.
  • The wireless nature of the device sidesteps the problems of existing electrical stimulation devices, which usually require bulky equipment and wired connections, limiting their clinical use.


Q1) What are Electrodes?

Electrodes are conductive materials or components that are used to establish electrical contact with non-metallic materials, electrolytes, or electronic devices. They play a crucial role in various applications involving the transfer of electrical current or the measurement of electrical signals.

Source: Explained | A new ‘smart bandage’ raises the bar for treating chronic wounds