Someshwara inscription

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Recently, archaeologists have discovered a rare inscription connected to the Alupa dynasty during a recent archaeological exploration at Someshwara near Mangaluru, Karnataka.

About Someshwara inscription

  • This inscription is very significant in the study of Tuluva history and culture.
  • It has two panels on the top, and in between the two panels the first line is engraved.
  • The rest of the inscription written below the panels is in the Kannada script and the language of 12th century characters announcing the death of Alupendra I.
  • The human figures shown in the inscription represent Kulashekara Alupendra himself.
  • In the first figure, he is shown standing in Tribhanga (tri-bent posture). He holds a sword in his right hand while the left hand rests on a gurani (shield).
  • To the left of this panel, divided by a pillar, the King is again shown in a sitting posture on a mound resting both his palms on the centre of his legs in dhyana mudra.

Who was Kulashekara Alupendra?

  • · Kulashekara Alupendra I was a famous ruler of the Alupas of South Canara.
  • · He was responsible for the establishment of a new city called Kulashekara in Mangaluru.
  • · He also laid down strict rules and regulations for temple administration, which are still followed in all temples in this region.
  • · He was the first ruler to give royal patronage to Tulu language and culture, ruling from both the capitals, Mangaluru and Barkuru.
  • · Alupendra I ruled Tulunadu from 1156-1215 A.D., as known from his other records.
  • · Though the present inscription is undated, it is dated to the 12th century on the basis of paleography.

Q1) What is epigraphy?

The study of inscriptions is known as epigraphy. Epigraphers study ancient and historical inscriptions to decipher their content, understand their context, and gain insights into the past. This field is important in archaeology, history, and linguistics.

Source: Mangaluru | Archaeologist discovers inscription announcing the death of King Kulashekara Alupendra I at Someshwara