Son Ghadiyal Wildlife Sanctuary

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Recently, The National Green Tribunal has imposed a fine of Rs 15.96 crore on two private firms engaged in mining activities near River Son in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.

Why in News?

  • The tribunal also directed MoEF & CC to look into the question of declaring parts of river Son, running in both states, as 'Son Ghadiyal Wildlife Sanctuary' in accordance with law within three months.

About Son Ghadiyal Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • The Son Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary in Sidhi District of Madhya Pradesh.
  • It was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1981 by the State government to protect and preserve the faunal diversity of the river, specifically the critically endangered Gharial and the vulnerable Marsh Crocodile.
  • Sanctuary consists an altogether length of 210 km encompassing lengths of 161 km of Son river, 23 km of Banas river, and 26 km of Gopad River.
  • Fauna:
    • The sanctuary is home to a significant population of Gharials, as well as other species of fauna such as Indian flapshell turtles, smooth-coated otters, Indian Skimmer and a variety of fish species.
    • It is also a breeding ground for the Indian Skimmer.
  • About 101 species of birds registered in the sanctuary make it rich in aquatic and avifaunal biodiversity.


Q1) What are the special features of crocodile?

Crocodiles have powerful jaws with many conical teeth and short legs with clawed webbed toes. They share a unique body form that allows the eyes, ears, and nostrils to be above the water surface while most of the animal is hidden below.

Source: Illegal mining near Son in UP: NGT slaps fine of Rs 15.96 cr on 2 private firms.