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Recently S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that it would remove Adani Enterprises, the flagship company of the Adani Group, from its widely used sustainability indices.

About S&P Dow Jones Indices

  • The index comprises global sustainability leaders as identified by S&P Global through its Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). 
  • It represents the top 10% of the largest 2,500 companies in the S&P Global Broad Market Index (BMI) based on long-term economic, environmental and social criteria.

What is the Corporate Sustainability Assessment?

  • It was founded in 1999 and serves as the foundation for the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
  • It is now also the basis for many other Environment, Social responsibility, and (Corporate) Governance indices.
  • According to S&P Global, S&P acquired the CSA in 2019, which included the transition of the related ESG ratings and ESG benchmarking teams that now operate out of S&P Global Switzerland.
  • It compares companies across 61 industries via questionnaires assessing a mix of 80-100 cross-industry and industry-specific questions. 
  • Based on their performance, companies receive scores ranging from 0 to 100.
  • The percentile rankings for approximately 20 financially relevant sustainability criteria across economic, environmental and social dimensions.


Q1) What is corporate sustainability?

Corporate sustainability is about more than just protecting the environment, although that is core to this approach. A sustainable business works in step with societal and environmental goals, rather than at odds with them.

Source:  S&P Dow Jones Indices will remove Adani Enterprises from its sustainability indices. What does this mean?