Stellaria mcclintockiae

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Recently, a new plant species found on the high, muddy slopes of the Nelliyampathy hills in Kerala’s Palakkad district has been named as Stellaria mcclintockiae.

About Stellaria mcclintockiae: 

  • It is the new species belongs to the genus Stellaria (family Caryophyllaceae).
  • Features
    • This is an annual herb growing up to 15 cm in height. Known to be found only in the Nelliyampathy hills as of now, and that too at an elevation of 1,250-1,400 metres.
    • It differs from other species of this genus with respect to the features of its petals, pollen morphology, bracts, sepals, and seed architecture.
    • This is the first species of the genus Stellaria reported from south India.

The researchers have recommended that Stellaria mcclintockiae be classified as critically endangered under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) criteria.

Q1: What is pollen?

It is a powder produced by the male part of a flower that causes the female part of other flowers of the same type to produce seeds.

Source: New plant species from Kerala’s Nelliyampathy named after Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock