Sudarshan Shakti Exercise

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Recently, The Sapta Shakti Command of the Indian Army conducted exercise ‘Sudarshan Shakti 2023’ along the western borders in Rajasthan and Punjab.

About Sudarshan Shakti Exercise:

  • Aim: It aimed at starting the transformation of the forces into a modern, lean, and agile fighting combination capable of leveraging new-age technologies.
  • The exercise was designed to validate operational plans in a network-centric environment with elements of combat power, combat support and logistic support.
  • These elements were exercised in a synergised application under all domains of enemy threat including Grey Zone Warfare as part of high tempo operations.
  • Scope and objectives:
    • Integrated use of force multipliers like special forces and niche technologies covering drones, tethered drones, loiter ammunition as well as key aspects of electronic warfare made it a unique event.
  • This exercise also facilitated in meeting the stated objectives of five pillars of transformation enunciated by COAS General Manoj Pande in January 2023.
  • ‘Sudarshan Shakti 2023” highlights the commitment of the South Western Command and its associated units towards maintaining a high level of operational preparedness and capability to fight a technology intensive future conflict.


Q1) What is a loitering munition?

A loitering munition (also known as a suicide drone or kamikaze drone) is an aerial weapon system category in which the munition can loiter (wait passively) around the target area for some time and attacks only once a target is located.

Source: Army conducts ‘Sudarshan Shakti’ drill