Sunni Dam Hydro Electric Project

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The Central government recently approved an investment of Rs 2,614 crore for 382 MW Sunni Dam Hydro Electric Project in Shimla and Mandi districts.

About Sunni Dam Hydro Electric Project:

  • It is a Run of River project.
  • It was being executed on the Sutlej in Shimla and Mandi districts and it would have a 71-metre-high concrete gravity dam and six generating units in its surface power house.
  • The project will generate 1,382 million units annually.
  • On commissioning, 13 per cent of the electricity generated will be provided free of cost to government of Himachal Pradesh, including 1 per cent for Local Area Development Fund. For the project life cycle of 40 years, this free power translates into benefits of Rs 2,803 crore.
  • The objective behind generating hydroelectric power resources is to produce as much energy as possible, with minimum cost and fewer negative impacts on the environment.
  • The Projects are being envisioned to fulfil a steady increase in peak electricity demand and the growing energy deficit in the Northern Region.


Q1) How do we get energy from water? 

Hydropower is a renewable source of energy that generates power by using a dam or diversion structure to alter the natural flow of a river or other body of water.

Source: Cabinet approves investment of 382 MW Sunni Dam Hydro Electric Project in Himachal Pradesh