What is TacticAI?

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Google’s DeepMind developed and evaluated TacticAI in a multi-year research collaboration with experts from Liverpool Football Club.

About TacticAI: 

  • It is an AI system that can provide experts with tactical insights, particularly on corner kicks (football), through predictive and generative AI.
  • This AI tool can be used by football team managers as an assistant for tactics.
  • It has incorporated both a predictive and generative component to allow coaches to effectively sample and explore alternative player setups for each corner kick, and to select those with the highest predicted likelihood of success.
  • It is developed by Google’s DeepMind.

Why specifically corners?

  • Corner kicks are apt for strategising by leveraging AI tools, primarily because they are moments when the game is effectively frozen — and always starts from the same kind of position at the corner of the pitch while giving players an immediate opportunity to score.
  • Strategies for corners are usually also decided long before the players actually go on to the pitch, so that there is no confusion on match day.
  • What is a corner shot in football? A corner is awarded when the ball passes over the goal line after touching a player of the defending team.

Q1: What is Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) ?

Predictive artificial intelligence refers to the use of machine learning to identify patterns in past events and make predictions about future events.

Source: AI in football: How new tech can help teams take more effective corner kicks