Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

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Global end-to-end supply chain solution provider DP World recently provided thermal drones for the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

About Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve:


  • Location: It is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra.
  • The origin of the name "Tadoba" lies with the name of the God "Tadoba" or "Taru", worshipped by the tribes who live in the dense forests of the Tadoba and Andhari region. While "Andhari" refers to the Andhari River that meanders through the forest.
  • The total area of the reserve is 625.4 sq. KM. This includes Tadoba National Park, covering 116.55 sq. KM and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary of 508.85 sq. KM.
  • Corridor: The reserve has corridor linkages with Nagzira-Navegaon and Pench Tiger Reserves within the State.
  • Habitat: Biogeographically, the reserve falls in the Central plateau province of the Deccan peninsula, with tropical dry deciduous forests and a typical Central Indian faunal assemblage.
  • Flora:
    • Teak is the dominant tree species.
    • Other major tree species include Ain, Bamboo, Bija, Dhaoda, Haldu, Salai, Semal and Tendu.
    • Along the moist areas, species like Mango, Jamun and Arjun are found.
  • Fauna:
    • The notable faunal species include tiger, leopard, sloth bear, wild dog, gaur, chital and sambar.
    • As many as 280 species of birds are found, apart from reptiles (54 species), amphibians (11 species) and fishes (84 species).


Q1) What is a Tiger Reserve?

A protected area statutorily designated for the conservation of the striped big cats is referred to as Tiger Reserve. However, a tiger reserve may also be a national park or wildlife sanctuary.


Source: ‘Eye in the sky’. Maharashtra’s Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve: New thermal drones to help detect forest fires, intensify surveillance