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Recently, the Global Fund announced a deal with generic pharmaceutical manufacturers to significantly slash the price of a cutting-edge HIV drug.

About Global Fund: 

  • The Global Fund is a worldwide movement to defeat HIV, TB and malaria and ensure a healthier, safer, more equitable future for all.
  • It was set up in 2002.
  • Partners of this initiative: Governments, civil society, health workers and the private sector.
  • Funding:
    • It raises funds on a three-year cycle, bringing longer term predictability in the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria
    • The funding primarily comes from the public sector, with 92% of total funding coming from donor governments. The remaining funding comes from the private sector, foundations and innovative financing initiatives.
  • India joined the Global Fund as a donor in 2006 and pledged US$25 million for the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment, covering 2023-2025. 


Key facts about recent agreement

  • It would make it possible to provide the advanced pill known as TLD for under $45 per person per year.
  • The three-in-one pill bands together the drugs tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, lamivudine and dolutegravir.
  • The World Health Organization has recommended it as the preferred first-line HIV treatment for adults and adolescents, since it rapidly suppresses the virus that causes AIDS.


What is HIV?

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is an infection that attacks the body’s immune system.
  • Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the most advanced stage of the disease.
  • HIV targets the body’s white blood cells, weakening the immune system.
  • This makes it easier to get sick with diseases like tuberculosis, infections and some cancers.
  • It is spread from the body fluids of an infected person, including blood, breast milk, semen and vaginal fluids.
  • It can be treated and prevented with antiretroviral therapy (ART).


Q1) What is  Malaria?

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite. It is a significant global health concern, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Malaria is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes.

Source: Global Fund secures deal to slash HIV treatment price