The National Mobile Monitoring System (NMMS)

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Recently, the central government has ordered that digitally capturing attendance is now mandatory for all workers employed under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGREGS) and will be applicable from January 1, 2023.

About The National Mobile Monitoring System (NMMS):

  • It was launched by the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • The NMMS App permits taking real-time attendance of workers at Mahatma Gandhi NREGS worksites along with geo-tagged photographs. 
  • This will increase citizen oversight of the programme besides potentially enabling the processing of payments faster
  • This facilitates them to record their findings online along with time-stamped and go-coordinate tagged photographs for all the schemes of the Department of Rural Development. 
  • This would also enable better record keeping of inspections by field and supervisory officials and also facilitate analysis of the findings for better programme implementation.


Q1) What is National Mobile Monitoring System?

Launched by the Ministry of Rural Development in 2021, the National Mobile Monitoring system (NMMS) App is aimed at bringing more transparency and ensuring proper monitoring of the schemes.

Source: Centre makes digitally capturing MGNREGA attendance universal from January 1