Titanic Tourist Submersible

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Recently, the Titan, the vessel that went missing in the area of the Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic.

About Titanic Tourist Submersible:

  • What it is? A submersible is a small boat or other craft, designed especially for research and exploration.
  • It is more limited in its movement and how long it can stay underwater.
  • A submersible needs a mother ship that can launch and recover it.
  • These are small, limited-range watercrafts designed for a set mission, that are built with characteristics that allow them to operate in a specific environment
  • These vessels are typically able to be fully submerged in water and cruise using their own power supply and air renewal system.
  • While some submersibles are remotely operated and essentially manually controlled or programmed robots, these usually operate unmanned.
  • Vessels like the missing Titan are known as human-occupied vehicles.

What is a submarine?

  • It is a watercraft that is capable of independent operation under the sea.
  • It does not require support ships because submarines can renew their air and power supplies independently.
  • When the submarine is to dive water is filled in water tanks and it is made heavier.
  • As soon as the average density of a submarine becomes greater than the density of seawater it sinks.


Q1) What is Exploration?

Exploration refers to the act of discovering, investigating, or venturing into new territories, areas, or realms. It involves the systematic search or study of unfamiliar or unknown environments, whether physical, intellectual, or conceptual, in order to gain knowledge, understanding, or practical benefits.

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