TrailGuard AI camera

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The TrailGuard AI camera-alert system installed at the Kanha-Pench corridor in Madhya Pradesh has come in handy for wildlife officials.

About TrailGuard AI camera:

  • These are slim devices that can be inconspicuously set up within the foliage of trees.
  • Features
    • It is Shaped like a pen, 13.8 cm long and 1.4 cm wide, it is wired to another ‘communications’ unit, the size of a notepad.
    • The system has embedded software that can be instructed to take pictures of specific species of interest.
    • It is incredibly small – the head of the camera, along with the passive infrared sensor, is only about the size of a person’s index finger.
    • It can be set to specifically capture humans or species of interest — lions, tigers, cheetahs.
    • If the camera is located at a place within the range of cellphone towers, it can send pictures within 30 seconds.
    • If it is out of this range, it can rely on a longer protocol that can take from 3-10 minutes.
  • The ‘AI’ element, or ‘embedded AI’ as it is technically known, in this system is that instead of transmitting every image captured, the camera only sends pictures of interest to forest officials.
  • The product was developed by RESOLVE, an international non-profit, in which the operative AI-processor is Intel’s Myriad chip.


Q1) What is Artificial Intelligence?

It refers to the development of computer systems and software that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. AI systems are designed to mimic human cognitive functions such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and language understanding.

Source: AI cameras to curb poaching in Madhya Pradesh