Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED)

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The Union Tribal Affairs Ministry recently declared “null and void” the suspension of the managing director of TRIFED.

About Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED)

  • It is a national-level organization under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, primarily engaged in the development and marketing of tribal handicrafts and natural products.
  • It came into existence in 1987 and got registered under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 1984 (now the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002).
  • The main mandate of TRIFED is capability enhancement of Tribals, promotion of tribal products, and creation of marketing opportunities for the Tribals with a view to ensuring remunerative prices for their products and augmenting their income on a sustainable basis.
  • Objectives:
    • To develop the socio-economic welfare of the tribal community.
    • To act as a facilitator and service provider for the tribal community to uplift production.
    • Provide training to enhance artistic skills with modern technology to meet the requirements of the global market.
    • To increase the promotion of tribal art and crafts for a stable livelihood.
    • To identify target groups to monitor and evaluate the process and activities and provide input to the Ministry.
  • Retail Marketing:
    • TRIFED has been doing the retail marketing of tribal products under the brand name of TRIBES INDIA.
    • TRIFED promotes and creates a sustainable market through retail outlets, exhibitions such as Aadishilp, Aadichitra, OCTAVE; international fairs, and e-marketing.
  • TRIFED has also been entrusted by the Govt. of India to implement its proposed Minimum Support Price Scheme for Minor Forest Produce.
  • Head Office: New Delhi
  • It has a network of pan India Regional Offices and a chain of TRIBES INDIA Retail Outlets.

Q1) What is Minor Forest Produce?

Minor Forest Produce (MFP) is all non-timber forest produce of plant origin and includes bamboo, brushwood, stumps, canes, Tusser, cocoon, honey, waxes, Lac, tendu/kendu leaves, medicinal plants and herbs, roots, tuber and the like.

Source: Govt declares TRIFED MD’s suspension null and void