Key Facts about Umiam Lake

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The Meghalaya government recently adopted AI-enabled robotic technology to keep its tourist hotspot, Umiam Lake, free of pollutants.

About Umiam Lake

  • Location:
    • Umiam Lake, also known as Barapani Lake, is a lake  in the state of Meghalaya 15 km (9.3 miles) north of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.
    • It is encircled by lush green East Khasi hills.
    • It is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Meghalaya, spread over an area of 10 square km,
  • History:
    • The lake was formed after a dam was constructed to generate hydroelectric power in 1965. 
    • The dam was a part of northeast India’s first hydel power project called the Umiam Umtru Hydroelectric Power Project.
  • Source of Water: The confluence of the two streams, Umkhrah and Umshvrpi, form the Wah Ro-ro stream in the northwest of the town and joins River Umiam, the main source of water for the lake.
  • The principal catchment area of the lake and dam is spread over 220 square km, which includes Shillong and its adjoining areas.
  • It is a popular venue for the water sport and adventure facilities. 


Q1) What is Hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity, also known as hydroelectric power or hydroelectric energy, is a form of renewable energy generated by harnessing the energy of flowing or falling water. It is one of the oldest and most widely used sources of electricity generation. Hydroelectric power plants, often referred to as hydroelectric dams, convert the kinetic and potential energy of water into electrical energy. 

Source: Artificial Intelligence Helps In Waste Management At Meghalaya's Picturesque Umaim Lake