UNESCO’s Prix Versailles

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Recently, Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) Bengaluru has earned prestigious accolades at UNESCO's 2023 Prix Versailles.

About UNESCO’s Prix Versailles

  • It is announced each year at UNESCO since 2015.
  • The Prix Versailles awards celebrate outstanding achievements in architecture and design on a global scale.
  • It focuses on intelligent sustainability as a cultural driver, acknowledging innovation, and creativity, reflection of local heritage, ecological efficiency, and values of social interaction.
  • The Terminal 2 (T2) secured recognition as one of the 'World's most beautiful airports' and was awarded the coveted 'World special prize for an interior 2023.'

Key facts about T2 of KIA

  • It is also known as the Terminal in a Garden.
  • It is built upon four foundational pillars — technological leadership, terminal in a garden, environmental and ecological stewardship, and a celebration of Karnataka’s rich heritage and culture.
  • It had previously earned the prestigious IGBC platinum certification from the Indian Green Building Council under the IGBC Green New Building Rating system.
  • Also for sustainable design it has been recognized as the world's largest terminal pre-certified with a platinum LEED rating by the US Green Building Council.

Q1) What is UNESCO?

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.It is a specialized agency of the United Nations(UN). The constitution, which entered into force in 1946, called for the promotion of international collaboration in education, science, and culture. The agency’s permanent headquarters are in Paris, France.

Source: Unesco recognises Kempegowda T2 as one of 'world's most beautiful airports'