Uniyala multibracteata

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After a gap of 140 years, researchers have rediscovered Uniyala multibracteata from a non-protected area of the Wagamon hills in the Western Ghats.

About Uniyala multibracteata:

  • It isa rare tree species which is locally known as Kattupoovamkurunnila.
  • The genus Uniyala is named to recognise the contribution of B.P Uniyal, a renowned plant taxonomist. This genus has 11 species, most of which are endemic to south India.
  • It is a small tree or large shrub 2 to 5 metres high. Its leaves are covered with cottony hairs.
  • Its flowers are very beautiful and [the tree] produces flowers from October to January.
  • Habitat: Its habitat consists of evergreen forests and rocky grasslands 1,200 metres above sea level. Interestingly, such rare species of plants have not yet been discovered in protected forests.

Q1: What is evergreen forest?

It is a forest in which there is no complete, seasonal loss of leaves (i.e. trees shed old leaves and produce new ones partially, and sometimes throughout the year, rather than during particular periods). The trees may be softwood conifers or broad-leaved hardwoods found here.

Source: Researchers rediscover rare tree species in Wagamon after 140 years