Urban-20 summit organised under G20 presidency of India

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Urban-20 summit organised under G20 presidency of India Blog Image


Under the G20, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is organizing the Urban 20 event in Ahmedabad.

What is The Urban 20 (U20) Summit?

  • It is a city diplomacy initiative launched on December 12, 2017, at the One Planet Summit in Paris.
  • Urban-20 (U20) provides a platform for cities from G20 countries to facilitate discussions on various important issues of urban development including climate change, social inclusion, sustainable mobility, and affordable housing, and propose collective solutions.
  • C40 Cities (C40) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) convene the U20 under the leadership of a Chair city that rotates annually, based in the G20 host country.
  • The U20 2023 Cycle will be chaired by the City of Ahmedabad.
    • Ahmedabad will showcase its unique urban development and climate change initiatives and rich culture and heritage to the participants.


Q1) Which country will host the G20 summit in 2024?

The upcoming nineteenth meeting of Group of Twenty (G20) is scheduled to take place in Brazil in 2024.

Source: PIB