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The Healthy Indian Project (THIP), a health information platform in India, is included as a member of the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

About Vaccine Safety Net: 

  • It is a global network of websites, established by the World Health Organization that provides reliable information on vaccine safety.
  • It is a network of a diverse group of digital information resources (websites and social media), VSN members, located in countries around the world and providing scientifically based information on vaccine safety in various languages.
  • A key player in the Project is the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), established by WHO in 1999, to respond promptly, efficiently, and with scientific rigour to vaccine safety issues of potential global importance. 
  • At the outset of the Project, GACVS developed three categories of criteria for good information practices - regarding credibility, content, accessibility and design to which digital resources providing information on vaccine safety should adhere.
  • WHO evaluates those electronic resources for their adherence to these criteria.
  • It is continuously expanding and till date 110 websites from 45 countries provide vaccine safety information in 43 languages.

Q1:What is a vaccine?

It is a suspension of weakened, killed, or fragmented microorganisms or toxins or other biological preparation, such as those consisting of antibodies, lymphocytes, or mRNA, that is administered primarily to prevent disease.

Source:The Healthy Indian Project (THIP) Joins WHO’s vaccine safety net