Vaitarna River

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Recently, the bull shark attacked a fisherman in Vaitarna river at Dongripada in Maharashtra’s Palghar district was the first sighting of a bull shark 40km upstream in the river.

About Vaitarna River

  • It is one of the west flowing rivers in the region North of Mumbai and South of the Tapi River.
  • It originates in the Trimbakeshwar Hills of Nasik district of Maharashtra.
  • It receives most of the rainfall from the South West monsoon during June to October. Almost 98% of the annual rainfall of the basin is received during this period.
  • Tributaries: The main tributaries are Pinjal, Ganjai, Surya, Daharji and Tansa.
  • The catchment area of Vaitarna basin completely lies in Thane and Nasik districts of Maharashtra.
  • It drains an area of 2019 sq km before it falls in Gulf of Khambhat. 

Key facts about Bull Shark

  • They’re known to be aggressive towards humans and are thought to be one of the most dangerous shark species in the world.
  • Habitat: These are frequently spotted in tropical coastal areas worldwide, including shallower waters along coastlines.
  • Bull sharks have a unique ability to tolerate freshwater and saltwater habitats, meaning they can sometimes be found venturing into rivers and traveling great distances upstream. 
  • It reproduces through viviparity, the process in which the embryo develops within the mother’s body, leading to live birth. 
  • Conservation status
    • IUCN: Vulnerable

Q1) What is a gulf?

It is a portion of the ocean that penetrates land. Gulfs vary greatly in size, shape, and depth. They are generally larger and more deeply indented than bays. Like bays, they often make excellent harbors. Many important trading centers are located on gulfs.

Source: Bull shark that attacked fisherman was first sighting in Vaitarna river