Vajra Mushti Kalaga

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Vajra mushti kalaga, a martial art form, has gone extinct and takes place only during Dasara.

About Vajra Mushti Kalaga

  • It is a unique Indian martial art that incorporates various techniques of hand-to-hand combat like grappling, wrestling and striking techniques.
  • Vajra Mushti, which literally means Thunderbolt Fist, is characterised by the utilization of a knuckleduster, a small metal weapon.
  • The knuckleduster, also known as Vajra Mushti, usually made of animal horns, is worn on the knuckles of the fighter.
  • The main objective of this Indian martial art form is to neutralize the opponent and counter his weapon.
  • It is a form of wrestling different from the conventional grappling and entails two jettys taking a swipe at each other’s head with a knuckleduster.
  • Whosoever draws the blood from the opponent’s head first is declared the winner.
  • This form of wrestling was popular during the period of the Vijayanagar rulers who reigned between the 14th and the 17th centuries
  • The fight is real and the jetty’s make all efforts to draw blood from the opponent’s head and a referee intervenes on noticing the first drop.
  • Medieval travellers from Portuguese noticed this form of wrestling during the Navaratri celebrations in Vijayanagar empire and have left detailed accounts of it.

Q1) What are martial arts?

These are a diverse set of practices and traditions that encompass various combat and self-defense techniques. They have been developed and refined over centuries in different cultures around the world. Martial arts include a wide range of fighting styles, philosophies, and training methods.

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