Very Short-Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) missile system

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The Indian defence establishment recently initiated a tender for the procurement of 30 units of the indigenous Very Short-Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) missile system.

About Very Short-Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) missile system:

  • It is a Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD) specially designed to counter low-altitude aerial threats over short distances. 
  • These are short-range, lightweight, and portable surface-to-air missiles that can be fired by individuals or small groups.
  • It has been designed and developed indigenously by DRDO's Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, in collaboration with other DRDO laboratories and Indian industry partners.
  • The use of VSHORAD missiles in India is primarily by the Indian Army.
  • Features:
    • It is designed to provide short-range air defence capabilities to protect ground forces and critical assets from aerial threats, including helicopters and low-flying aircraft.
    • The missile incorporates many novel technologies, including a Dual-band IIR Seeker, a miniaturised Reaction Control System, and integrated avionics.
    • It is propelled by a dual-thrust solid motor. 
    • The missile and its launcher were designed by the DRDO to be portable, which enables their quick deployment over difficult terrain.


Q1) What is the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?

Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) is an agency under the Ministry of Defence. Headquartered in New Delhi, DRDO was formed in 1958 by amalgamating the Defence Science Organisation and a few technical development establishments. DRDO is India's largest research organisation. It has a network of laboratories engaged in developing defence technologies covering various fields, like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, land combat engineering, life sciences, materials, missiles, and naval systems.

Source: DRDO's VSHORAD Missile System To Be A Game-changer For Short-range Threats