Walong Mela

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Indian Army recently organised Walong Mela in continuation of Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Battle of Walong.

About Walong Mela:

  • It aims to commemorate the unsurpassable bravery & sacrifice of the Indian Army while defending the Indian Territory against the Chinese aggression of 1962.
  • The aim of the Mela was to familiarise the public with the Indian Army & to encourage a sense of belongingness & togetherness.

Battle of Walong:

  • Walong is one of India’s easternmost villages in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • In the 1962 India-China War, the Indian Army defended against China in all sectors except one — Arunachal Pradesh’s Walong.
  • The Battle of Walong was the only counterattack India could manage in the war.
  • Indian Army held back the Chinese troops for 27 days, which forced the Chinese to deploy its reserve division from Tawang to Walong.

Source : All India Radio