Walvis Bay

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In a strategic move as part of the Indian Navy’s mission-based deployment to West Africa and the Atlantic, INS Sumedha conducted a port call at Walvis Bay.

About Walvis Bay

  • It is strategically located halfway down the coast of Namibia, with direct access to principal shipping routes.
  • This strategic location has made it the gateway port for trade between landlocked African countries and the rest of the world.
  • Apart from cargo transshipment, Walvis Bay is also known internationally for its commercial fishing industry. 
  • It is lying along the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The town of Walvis Bay lies on the edge of the Namib Desert at the mouth of the intermittently flowing Kuiseb River. 

Key facts about INS Sumedha

  • It is the third ship of the indigenously built Saryu class Naval Offshore Patrol Vessels (NOPV).
  • It was indigenously designed and built by Goa Shipyard Limited.
  • It was commissioned into the Indian Navy on March 7, 2014.
  • It is part of the Indian Navy's Eastern Fleet, based in Visakhapatnam.
  • Primary Functions: To undertake EEZ surveillance, anti-piracy patrols, fleet support operations, provide maritime security to offshore assets and carry out escort operations for high-value assets.

Q1) Where is the Kuiseb River?

The Kuiseb River is a notable watercourse in Namibia, a country in southwestern Africa. While it's called a river, it often behaves more like a seasonal and ephemeral watercourse due to its sporadic flow.

Source: INS Sumedha Fortifies Diplomatic Ties during Walvis Bay Deployment