Wangala Dance

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Members of the Garo tribal community recently performed Wangala dance on the occasion of ‘The Rising Sun Water Fest-2022’ on the banks of Umiam Lake in Meghalaya.

About Wangala Dance:

  • The Wangala Festival, also known as the 100 drum festival is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm in India’s north-eastern state of Meghalaya.
  • Celebrated since 1976, it’s the most important festival of the Garo tribe and attracts a lot of tourists.
  • During the Wangala, tribals offer sacrifices to please their deity Saljong, the Sun God.
  • It marks the end of the long harvest season.
  • The celebration also signifies the end of a long toil period in the field for the Garo tribe before the start of the winters.
  • The first day of the festival is celebrated with a ceremony called Ragula which is performed in the house of the village’s chief. 

Source : The Hindu