What is watsonx.ai?

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At the recent COP28, NASA and IBM announced that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called watsonx.ai would be available on the open-source AI platform Hugging Space.

About watsonx.ai

  • It is an Artificial Intelligence tool jointly built by IBM and NASA.
  • It will help users monitor the Earth from space, measuring environmental changes that have already happened while also making predictions about the future.
  • The model is also designed to be extremely simple to use. A user would merely need to select a location and a date, and the model will highlight changes in floodwater, reforestation efforts and other relevant factors.

How watsonx.ai works?

  • It is built on a foundation model — it’s trained on a broad set of uncategorised data allowing the model to apply information about one situation to another.
  • In the case of watsonx.ai, NASA provides the datasets (in terms of satellite images instead of words,) and IBM created the foundation model to interpret them.
  • In order to train the model to comprehend visual sequences that unfold over time, scientists filled in blank areas in each image and asked the model to piece it back together.
  • It became increasingly adept at figuring out how the photos connected to one another as it reassembled additional images.
  • The model was then adjusted for certain tasks like segmenting and categorising photos.

What is watsonx.data?

  • It is a fit-for-purpose data store optimised for governed data and AI workloads. It is designed to enable enterprises to scale AI workloads by harnessing their entire data landscape.

What is watsonx.governance?

  • It is an end-to-end toolkit encompassing both data and AI governance. It helps clients create responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows by providing AI governance capabilities like model management throughout the AI lifecycle.

Q1) What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines or software, as opposed to the intelligence of humans or animals. It is a field of study in computer science which develops and studies intelligent machines. Such machines may be called AIs.

Source: How an AI tool can make weather forecasts more accurate and help tackle climate change