What is Wearable Technology?

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Samsung officially announced the launch of a new smart ring-shaped wearable device, Galaxy Ring, as part of its Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this year.

About Wearable Technology

  • Wearable technology, also known as "wearables," is a category of electronic devices that can be worn as accessories, embedded in clothing, implanted in the user's body, or even tattooed on the skin.
  • Wearable devices come in many shapes and sizes, including smart watches and sports watches, fitness trackers, head-mounted displays, smart jewellery, smart clothing, and even implantable devices.
  • At a minimum, wearable devices are equipped with sensors, software and connecting technology.
  • Working
    • The sensors gather information from the person wearing the device, and the software gathers the data and sends it to a device with processing capacity via a wireless connection.
    • The ecosystem on which wearable technology works is known as the Internet of Things (IoT).
    • It is the same principle as smart technology used at home, on devices such as thermostats that can be operated from a mobile device outside the home, or smart speakers, but applied at a personal level.
    • What makes an IoT solution even more attractive is the interpretation of the data gathered by the sensors.
  • Benefits
    • Smart rings can provide more accurate readings than smartwatches, because they can use the capillaries (small blood vessels) in your finger to get their readings.
    • Another advantage of smart rings is that they have a longer battery life than smartwatches.
  • Drawbacks
    • Smart rings can't and won't be able to replicate the functionality offered by a smartwatch.
    • Smart rings are unlikely to come with GPS or a screen.

Q1) What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It refers to an integrated system of physical objects (things) embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data within the systems over the “internet”. 

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