What are Autonomous District Councils (ADC)?

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The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) recently flagged the “mass migration” of people from ethnic strife-torn Manipur to the State’s capital Shillong and adjoining areas.

About Autonomous District Councils (ADC):


  • The Sixth Schedule provides a list of ten tribal areas in Assam (3), Meghalaya (3), Tripura (1) and Mizoram (3).
  • Each of these tribal areas constitutes an autonomous districtEach autonomous district has an Autonomous District Council (ADC). 
  • Membership: ADCs have up to 30 members with a term of five years, of whom four are nominated by the governor and the remaining 26 are elected on the basis of adult franchise.
  • Tenure:Term of the District Councils is for five years from the date of their constitution
  • Functions: The functions of ADCs as defined in schedule 6 of the constitution included – 
    • making laws on land,
    • management of forests, except reserved forests,
    • appointment of traditional chiefs and headmen, 
    • making rules regulating the inheritance of property, marriage, divorce, the constitution of village courts, 
    • It can establish, construct or manage primary schools, dispensaries, markets, ferries, fisheries, roads and so on in the district.
    • It can also make regulations for the control of money lending and trading by non-tribals. But such regulations require the assent of the governor.
  • Revenue source: The main Revenue Sources of ADCs, as specified in the Sixth Schedule, were:
    • taxes on professions, trades, callings and employment;
    • taxes on animals, vehicles and boats;
    • taxes on the entry of goods into a market and sale therein, and tolls on passenger and goods carried on ferries; and
    • taxes for the maintenance of school, dispensaries or roads.


Q1) What is the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India?

The sixth Schedule deals with the administration of Tribal Areas in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram. It provides for the formation of autonomous administrative divisions — Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) — that have some legislative, judicial, and administrative autonomy within a state.

Source: Ensure the return of displaced people, says Meghalaya tribal body