What are Tethered Drones?

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) today sought technical and commercial bids to add to the Army robotic mules, jetpack suits and tethered drones that will look across the Himalayas.

About Tethered Drones:

  • A tethered drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle tethered to the ground.
  • It consists of a base station on the ground and the drone, which is connected to the station through the tether (cable). 
  • The drone can be operated remotely to perform specific tasks. 
  • Advantages:
  • Tethered UAVs are perfect for data capture and telemetry due to the reliability of tethered connections.
  • Tethered drones dramatically reduce technical and human error crashes in flight.
  • Tethered drones provide a  secure line of communication between the ground station and the aircraft.
  • It also does not require GPS navigation.
  • Many tethered drones have longer flight times compared to free-flying, battery-operated drones.
  • Due to the restricted movement of a tethered drone, the operator does not need piloting skills and can mainly focus on their tasks.


Q1) What is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), military aircraft that is guided autonomously, by remote control, or both and that carries sensors, target designators, offensive ordnance, or electronic transmitters designed to interfere with or destroy enemy targets.

Source: Indian Army to get robotic mules, jetpack suits, tethered drones