What are Vermins?


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The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is working to develop immuno-contraceptive measures for population management of species that have become problematic for humans in many parts of the country.

About Vermins:

  • Vermin are usually considered problem or nuisance animals that attack humans, crops, livestock or property.
  • Species which are classified as Vermin are placed under Schedule V of the Wildlife Protection Act, of 1972.

Key facts about the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

There are Six Schedules in this act. These Schedules give a different standard of protection.

  • The Listed breeds and types of animals in Schedule I and part II of Schedule II get supreme protection. Offences under these are prescribed the highest penalties.
  • For example Himalayan Brown Bear, Indian Elephant etc. 
  • The Listed breeds and types of animals in Schedule III and Schedule IV are also secured, but the penalties are comparatively much lower
  • For example, Barking Deer, Falcons, Kingfisher, Tortoise etc.
  • Schedule V includes the animals which can be hunted. 
  • For example, Common Crow, Mice, Rats, Fruit Bats etc.
  • The plants, trees and crops mentioned in Schedule VI are banned from Cultivation and Planting. For example, Kuth, Red Vanda, Pitcher Plant etc.


Q1) What is the role of the Wildlife Institute of India?

It was Established in 1982, the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is an internationally acclaimed Institution, which offers a training program, academic courses and advisory in wildlife research and management.

Source: Wildlife Institute of India working on a vaccine to reduce ‘vermin’ populations, awaits further funding