What is a Scramjet Engine?

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The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) successfully conducted the hot test of the scramjet engine.

 About Scramjet Engine:

  • In an air-breathing scramjet engine, air from the atmosphere is rammed into the engine’s combustion chamber at a supersonic speed of more than Mach two.



  • In the chamber, the air mixes with the fuel to ignite a supersonic combustion but the cruiser’s flight will be at a hypersonic speed of Mach six to seven.
  • So it is called supersonic combustion ramjet or Scramjet.
  • Air from the atmosphere was then rammed into the scramjet engine’s combustion chamber at a supersonic speed.
  • The air mixed with the atomised fuel, the fuel was ignited and the scramjet engine revved into action.



  • Mastering the air-breathing scramjet technology will lead to the development of hypersonic missiles, faster civilian air transportation and facilities for putting satellites into orbit at a low cost.


Q1) What is the difference between turbojet, ramjet and scramjet?

The primary difference between turbojet, ramjet, and scramjet engines is the speed at which they operate most efficiently. Turbojets operate at subsonic speeds, ramjets operate at supersonic speeds, and scramjets operate at hypersonic speeds.

Source: The Hindu