What is Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission?

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Over 4 crore health records of citizens digitized and linked with their Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) numbers under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)

About Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission:

  • What it is? It aims to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country. It will bridge the existing gap amongst different stakeholders of Healthcare ecosystem through digital highways.
  • With health records linked to their ABHA accounts digitally, citizens will be able to access and manage these records as per convenience. This enables citizens to create a comprehensive medical history across various healthcare providers thereby improving clinical decision-making.
  • The ABHA(Ayushman Bharat Health Account) Number:
    • It will be used for the purposes of uniquely identifying persons, authenticating them, and threading their health records (only with the informed consent of the patient) across multiple systems and stakeholders.
    • This digital linking of individual’s health records with ABHA is being carried out extensively across different health facilities of the country with the support of State Governments.
  • Health Facility Registry (HFR)
  • It is a comprehensive repository of health facilities of the nation across different systems of medicine. It includes both public and private health facilities including hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories and imaging centres, pharmacies, etc.
  • Enrolling in the Health Facility Registry will enable them to get connected to India's digital health ecosystem.
  • Unified Health Interface (UHI):
  • UHI is envisioned as an open protocol for various digital health services. UHI Network will be an open network of End User Applications (EUAs) and participating Health Service Provider (HSP) applications.
  • UHI will enable a wide variety of digital health services between patients and health service providers (HSPs) including appointment booking, teleconsultation, service discovery and others.


Q1) What is the Digital healthcare ecosystem?

The digital healthcare ecosystem is an infrastructure that supports the transformation of the organisation-centred healthcare model into a patient-centred model to deliver multidisciplinary and collaborative health services.

Source: PIB