What is AzaadiSAT-2?

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What is AzaadiSAT-2? Blog Image


ISRO's Small Satellite Launch Vehicle SSLV-D2 carrying EOS-07, Janus-1 and AzaadiSAT-2 satellites was successfully launched from the SatishDhawan Space Station, in Sriharikota.

 About AzaadiSAT-2:

  • It has been developed by about 750 girl students across India.
  • They contributed to the design and construction of the satellite built by Chennai-based startup Space Kidz India.
  • The girls received training both online and, in some cases, in-person.
  • Experiment materials were sent to these girls and they were guided on how to use it.
  • “SpaceKidz developed basic and simple experiments that students can learn and assemble with the simultaneous support of their science teachers. 
  • Objective: It aims to measure various health data like temperature and reset count from 75 student experiments installed inside the satellite.