What is Bhashini Platform?

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The Prime Minister recently pitched for sharing India's AI-based language platform, Bhashini, with SCO member countries to remove language barriers within the international grouping.

About Bhashini Platform :


  • Digital India BHASHINI, is India's Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led language translation platform.
  • It seeks to enable easy access to the internet and digital services in Indian languages, including voice-based access, and help the creation of content in Indian languages.
  • It aims to make Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources available in the public domain to be used by -- Indian MSMEs, startups and individual innovators.
  • This will help developers to offer all Indians easy access to the internet and digital services in their native languages.
  • This online platform also has a separate ‘Bhasadaan’ section which allows individuals to contribute to multiple crowdsourcing initiatives, and it is also accessible via respective Android and iOS apps.
  • How does it work?
    • The project is available on this website: https://www.bhashini.gov.in/en/ and it is aimed to build and develop an ecosystem where various stakeholders like institutions, industry players, research groups, academia and individuals can unite to maintain an ‘ever-evolving repository of data, training and benchmark datasets, open models, tools and technologies.
    • The contribution can be done in four ways -- Suno India, Likho India, Bolo India and Dekho India -- where users have to type what they hear or have to validate texts transcribed by others.


Q1) What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken and written -- referred to as natural language. It is a component of artificial intelligence (AI).

Source: PM Modi pitches for sharing India's AI-based language platform 'Bhashini' with SCO nations