What is Biopharmaceutical Alliance?

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The Biopharmaceutical Alliance was recently inaugurated in San Diego during the Bio International Convention 2024, the world's largest biopharmaceutical exhibition.

About Biopharmaceutical Alliance:

  • It is an alliance of India, South Korea, Japan, the US, and the European Union to put joint efforts into building a resilient supply chain in the biopharmaceutical sector.
  • The participants emphasised the importance of a reliable and sustainable supply chain and agreed to coordinate the respective countries' biopolicies, regulations, and research and development support measures.
  • They acknowledged that the production of essential raw materials and ingredients is concentrated in a few countries and agreed to work together to build a detailed pharmaceutical supply chain map.
  • The alliance was launched in response to the drug supply shortages experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The alliance was inaugurated in San Diego during the Bio International Convention 2024.
    • The Bio International Convention is the premier event for the biotechnology industry, bringing together over 20,000 leaders from around the world. 
    • It represents the entire biotech ecosystem, from public pharmaceutical companies and biotech startups to academia, non-profits, and government agencies. 

Q1: What are Biopharmaceuticals?

Biopharmaceuticals are medical drugs produced using biotechnology. They are proteins (including antibodies), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or antisense oligonucleotides) used for therapeutic or in vivo diagnostic purposes, and are produced by means other than direct extraction from a native (non-engineered) biological source.

Source: India, S. Korea, US, Japan, EU launch Biopharmaceutical Alliance