What is Dokra Metal Crafts?

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Lalbazar, on the boundary with Jharkhand, is becoming a hub for dokra metalcraft.

About Dokra Metal Crafts:

  • Dhokra is a form of ancient bell metal craft practiced by the Ojha metal smiths living in states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal and Telangana.
  • However, the style and also the workmanship of this artisan community varies in different states.
  • Dhokra or Dokra, is also known as bell metal craft.
  • Its documented history is about 5,000 years old.
  • Making dokra art is a difficult process. Each figurine takes about a month to make.
  • Dokra artifacts are mainly made in brass and are highly unique wherein the pieces do not have any form of joints. The whole object is fully handcrafted.
  • The traditional designs are considered highly aesthetic in nature and a collector’s delight.

What is the process?

  • There are many processes involved, for which seven to eight varieties of clay is required, apart from other raw material.
  • The method of making Dokra is done by combining the metallurgical skills with that of the lost wax technique.
  • The handicrafts are known for combining the metallurgical skills with wax technique for making artefacts of distinctive look and beauty.
  • The lost wax technique is a distinct form where the mould is used only once and broken, which makes the figure one of its kind in the handicraft market.
  • There are two process of lost wax casting.
  • The first one is Solid casting which is the method followed in the South and hollow casting, practiced in other states.


Q1) Who invented Dhokra art?

The Dhokra Damar tribes were the earliest metalsmiths from West Bengal who used the ancient technique of lost wax casting and gave the craft of Dhokra its name.

Source: Bengal village Lalbazar basks in the glory of an ancient metalcraft