What is Doxxing?What is Doxxing?

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Twitter has recently suspended the account of several journalists, and according to its owner Elon Musk, this was in continuation of the social media platform’s new anti-doxxing policy.

What exactly is doxxing?

  • A contraction of the phrase, "dropping documents", doxxing is the act of revealing personal or identity-revealing information about someone online, such as their real name, personal documents, phone number, home address, workplace, and other financial information.
  • In the process of doxxing, personal information is circulated in the public sphere without the knowledge of the victim, and in some cases, causing real-life consequences.
  • It is a popular and controversial tactic used against those with opposing political views and sometimes even celebrities and influencers have been doxxed with real-life consequences.
  • In many cases, harassers have used this private information to send SWAT teams or armed police to the homes of many of the victims.


Q1) Is Doxxing illegal?

Doxxing per se is not illegal, because there are no specific anti-doxxing laws in most jurisdictions. But the legality of doxxing is determined on a case-by-case basis. While compiling or publishing publicly available information is rarely illegal, there are other crimes that doxxers can be charged for such as stalking, harassment, identity theft, or incitement to violence.

Source: Indian Express