What is Geospatial Hackathon?

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Union Minister of Science & Technology recently launched Geospatial Hackathon to promote Innovation and Start-Ups in India’s Geospatial ecosystem.

What is Geospatial Hackathon?

  • It is a hackathon to create interest in geospatial tech and specifically build solutions leveraging maps and satellite data for solving India’s problems.
  • The Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the Minister of Science & Technology in partnership with IIIT Hyderabad and Microsoft has launched this Hackathon.
  • The Geospatial Hackathon will be divided into 2 parts, 
  • Research Challenge: The National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board and IIIT Hyderabad brings the Startup Challenge as part of this Hackathon intending to promote the use of geospatial technologies in solving real-world problems and fostering innovation in the Indian geospatial ecosystem
  • Startup Challenge: The Research Challenge is specific to the problem statements given by DST (Survey of India).)  is proposing a Geospatial Data Processing, Solution development, and Servicing Challenge to foster the adoption of geospatial technologies and to promote innovation in India’s Geospatial ecosystem.


Q1) Who has developed the SAHAYOG application?

Survey of India has developed this app for its users Government   departments, Organisations, Institutions, Govt employees, Academic institutions to voluntarily support and contribute in preparing, updating and enriching the national database of the country.

Source: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launches “Geospatial Hackathon” to promote Innovation and Start-Ups in India’s Geospatial ecosystem