What is GSAT 7B?

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The Ministry of Defence recently signed a contract with ISRO’s commercial arm New Space India Ltd (NSIL) for the procurement of an advanced communication satellite, GSAT-7B.

About GSAT 7B:

  • It is a communication satellite part of the GSAT-7 series.
  • GSAT 7 series satellites are advanced communication satellites developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to meet the communication needs of the defence services.
  • The GSAT 7B will primarily fulfil the communication needs of the Indian Army
  • It is a geostationary satellite which will considerably enhance the communication capability of the Indian Army by providing mission-critical beyond-the-line-of-sight communication to troops and formations as well as weapon and airborne platforms.
  • It is the first-ever in the five-tonne category that will be designed indigenously by the ISRO.

 GSAT 7 Series Satellites:

  • GSAT-7 (Rukmini):
    • It is India’s first military satellite.
    • It was launched in August 2013 from an Ariane 5 ECA rocket from Kourou in French Guiana.
    • It is an advanced communication satellite developed by ISRO and primarily provides communication services to the Indian Navy.
  • GSAT 7A:
    • It primarily provides communication services to the Indian Air Force.
    • It also helps in satellite-controlled operations of UAVs.


Q1) What is a Geostationary Orbit?

Geostationary orbit is a type of geosynchronous orbit of a satellite whereby it moves with the same speed as the rotation of the Earth. Because it orbits at the same speed as Earth revolves, a geostationary satellite seems to be stationary if seen from the surface of the Earth.

Source: After Navy & IAF, Army to get dedicated satellite Gsat-7B as MoD inks Rs 3k cr deal with NSIL