What is Intelligent Knife (iKnife)?

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What is Intelligent Knife (iKnife)? Blog Image


New research led by the Imperial College of London has found an intelligent knife (iKnife), which can be used to diagnose womb cancer within minutes.

Why in news?

  • According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, womb or endometrial cancer is the 6th most commonly occurring cancer among people with uteruses.

How it works:

  • The knife uses electric currents on biopsy tissue and then analyses the vapourised aerosols from the tissue in a mass spectrometer to give real-time information about activity in the tissue.
  • The study noted that the knife reliably diagnosed endometrial cancer in tissue within seconds with an accuracy of 89%. This would greatly minimise the delays faced by patients who wait for a normal histopathological diagnosis.


Q1) What is Chemotherapy?

It is a treatment which uses drugs to stop or kill the cancerous cells from the targeted part of the patient’s body.

Source: New surgical knife detects endometrial cancer within seconds