What is Iris-T Missile?

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According to a recent report, the Bundeswehr, Germany’s armed forces, lost an Iris-T missile, sparking serious concerns about the crucial technology being compromised.

About Iris-T Missile:

  • It is a next-generation short-range air-to-air missile.
  • The IRIS-T is a six-nation program under German lead, with Diehl BGT Defence (a German defense company) acting as industrial prime contractor.
    • The IRIS-T programme sees Germany, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain, and Sweden unite to provide access to technology and expertise. Diehl Defence is the main contractor.
  • It is rated for short-range and medium-range air defense.
  • The IRIS-T SLM is designed to neutralize threats posed by a variety of enemy aerial systems, such as aircraft, cruise missiles, drones, and helicopters operating at ranges of up to 40 km (25 miles).
  • IRIS-T is characterized by an extreme maneuverability for close-in air-to-air combat.
  • Equipped with an innovative infrared seeker, thrust-vector control, and a dogfight optimized motor, the Iris-T Missile can engage any target from point-blank up to maximum range.
  • IRIS-T can also successfully engage targets behind the launching aircraft and be used in lock-on before and after launch operations.

Q1: What are cruise missiles?

Cruise missiles are unmanned vehicles that are propelled by jet engines, much like an airplane. They can be launched from ground, air, or sea platforms. Cruise missiles remain within the atmosphere for the duration of their flight and can fly as low as a few meters off the ground. Flying low to the surface of the earth expends more fuel but makes a cruise missile very difficult to detect.

Source: Cutting-Edge IRIS-T Missile ‘Goes Missing;’ Germany Suspects ‘US Factor’ In Its Disappearance